January 27, 2021

Product Launch 1.27.21

Hello! We’re the Chalkboard boys (Ted, Will, and Parker) and we’re excited to share that Chalkboard is live in the App Store! A big thank you to our entire team at Tidepool Labs, along with our many investors and partners that have supported us from the beginning. It’s been quite the journey thus far and we’re beyond excited to share what we’ve been building for the past 13 months.

Chalkboard is the first-ever social messaging and scores app for sports bettors. The idea for an integrated sports messaging solution spawned from our frustration with the constant app toggling between our iMessage group chat and our live scores applications (ESPN/Bleacher Report). We wanted something better, so we quit our jobs and went for it. Our Chalkboard v1 brings betting odds, live scores, play-by-play, and props to the group chats where sports fans follow the action.

Will, Parker and I have lived in our sports betting group chat since we were 18 years old. Despite living vastly different lives in distant cities, we were still able to follow the same games, sweat the same overs, and share the same laughs in our betting group chat. We loved our “can’t lose” parlays, blindly tailing Reddit phenoms, and pretending like our gut intuition gave us the upper hand. You name it, we were probably about it. Our Betting Bros group chat lives on — just no longer in iMessage!

Sports betting group chats are not new and they’re not hard to find. They’re engaging, full of humor and absurdity, and core to why we love betting on sports. We built Chalkboard for the many friend groups out there like ours. Check out our app, hop in some group chats, and start sweating your bets with buddies like never before.

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